Doortje Ninck Blok

Doortje Ninck Blok joined Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh as a senior lawyer in February 2017. Since 2003 Doortje holds a master’s degree in International and European Law at the University of Tilburg in 2003. Before joining the firm she worked at the national government in several roles. Lastly, from 2011 onwards, she specialized in state aid law representing Dutch cities and counties as a senior legal advisor in their state aid affairs vis a vis the European Commission. Doortje is a regular speaker on state aid topics, and lectures at the Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law in Berlin.

Some highlight matters

EU Regulation, Competition & State Aid


Market economy operator: de economische ratio van een crediteurenakkoord is bepalend. (Mr. D. Ninck Blok en mr. G. Van der Wal) NtEr 2018 | Nr. 1/2
Binnenlands Bestuur - 24 maart 2017: Senior adviseur staatssteun BZK maakt overstap naar advocatuur.
FNV/Smallsteps; door overgang van onderneming, naar ondergang van ondernemingen? (Mr. drs. M. Hoogendoorn en mr. D. Ninck Blok).NtEr november 2017 | nr. 8.

Doortje Ninck Blok

Senior associate
European and Competion law

T +31 10 2617 500