Highlight matters

apr 2018

Assisting a group of funds with an interest in the Revolving Credit Facility of EUR 750,000,000,- provided to Hemisphere International Properties B.V., holding approx. EUR 1,1 billion real estate for Steinhoff International Holding N.V., a South-African international retail holding company that is dual listed in Germany. Steinhoff deals mainly in furniture and household goods, and operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. As of August 2016, Steinhoff held retailing activities in 30 countries, counting 6,500 retail outlets belonging to 40 different brands, and employing about 90,000 employees.

aug 2017

Acting as Dutch counsel for Banco Santander, holder of  substantial amounts of the fixed rate bearer notes issued by PTIF BV and which were guaranteed by Oi S.A., the largest telecommunications company in South America,  under their EUR 7,500,000,000.00 Medium Term Note Programme. Oi filed for a USD 19 billion bankruptcy protection on June 20 2016, still the largest on record in Brazil today.

apr 2016

Acting for Coface and Glencore Grain in relation to (the bankruptcy of) Abengoa Bioenergy Netherlands B.V., a large bio-ethanol producer. Which is part of the Abengoa Group, a Spanish multinational corporation, with companies in the domains of energy, telecommunications, transportation and the environment,  employing 20,250 employees at the end of 2014 and with a EUR 1,510.05 million turnover in 2016.

nov 2014

Appointed trustee of OW Bunker and OW Global Trading, two OW Bunker subsidiaries with a turnover of EUR 1.5 billion on an annual basis in the Netherlands alone. The Danish headquarter of OW Bunker was one of the world's biggest players in oil bunkering.

mar 2014

Acted as trustees in bankruptcy of KPNQwest N.V., a top 25 AEX listed telecommunication company with a EUR 2.2 billion deficit, in a law suit against its parents and joint venture partners Qwest, KPN and certain executive and non-executive directors. After years of litigation on two sides of the Atlantic Ocean the matter was settled for EUR 260,000,000,-, possibly the largest D&O liability settlement on Dutch territory until today.

aug 2012

Acting for the Dutch part of the US Chapter 11 restructuring of ATP Oil & Gas, a Houston based developer of oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.

nov 2011

Acting for the management of the Dutch finance company of Q-Cells in the restructuring (and sale) of the German solar energy equipment producer Q-Cells SE, a company with at the time an annual turnover of EUR 1 billion that employes 2,000 people.

jan 2007

Assisting the German administrator of the (parent of) BenQ Mobile Holding BV, the holdco for the former German BenQ-Siemens mobile phone division. The company was eventually disbanded because a suitable buyer could not be found, which caused around 2,000 BenQ Mobile employees losing their job.

mar 2005

Acting as liquidator of the majority of the Enron entities in the Netherlands, subsidiaries of Enron Corp., an American energy, commodities and services company that failed due to one of the largest accounting scandals in the world.

jan 2004

Acting as Dutch counsel for dr. Bondi, the special administrator appointed by the Italian Government over Parmalat, a multinational Food and Dairy corporation, collapsing in 2003 with a GPB 13 billion hole in its accounts which remains Europe’s biggest bankruptcycase.  At the time, the four Dutch (finance) vehicles represented more than four billion (EUR 4,000,000,000,-) of the group’s debtand were eventually, after the debt for equity based restructuring, liquidated in 2016.