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Insolventie en herstructurering

Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh staat op dagelijkse basis (stakeholders van) ondernemingen in zwaar weer bij. Onze advocaten hebben ruime ervaring en expertise op het gebied van (internationaal) faillissementsrecht en ondernemingsrecht. Wij staan zowel de ondernemingen in moeilijkheden zelf bij, als de diverse betrokken stakeholders zoals bestuurders/toezichthouders, leveranciers, banken en verzekeraars. Daarnaast worden we ingeschakeld door curatoren/bewindvoerders. Onze advocaten worden tevens regelmatig door rechtbanken aangesteld tot curator in faillissementen en als bewindvoerder in surseance van betaling. Daarnaast hebben wij ruime ervaring met (de begeleiding van) zogenaamde prepacks en zijn wij beschikbaar voor aanstellingen als herstructureringsdeskundige of observator onder de WHOA.
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Recente zaken

Ruben Leeuwenburgh and Mark Mouthaan have advised a retail company on its successful financial restructuring, resulting in a debt reduction from € 63 million to € 15 million.

Marcel Windt has been appointed restructuring expert (herstructureringsdeskundige) by a Dutch court in undisclosed Dutch Scheme (WHOA) proceedings involving of a group of companies aiming to restructure over € 30 million of debt.

We have acted for a leisure and events company on its financial restructuring resulting in a distressed takeover of the company and a € 30 million to € 15 million debt reduction. The undisclosed Dutch Scheme (WHOA) proceedings were leveraged to reach a consensual deal.

Richard le Grand has been appointed as monitor of Vendo Nederland B.V. by the Rotterdam court and has subsequently been appointed as restructuring expert. As monitor he has supervised the public Dutch scheme proceedings and as restructuring expert he is authorised to offer a scheme of composition (restructuring plan) to creditors and to request that the court sanctions the scheme.

We have acted for a PE portfolio company on the restructuring of a lease resulting in a reoccurring sub-lease vacancy risk reduction and reoccurring cost reduction against financial support of the sponsor and bank. The Dutch Scheme (WHOA) was leveraged to reach a consensual deal.

We have acted for Tennor Holding B.V. in the appeal proceedings against its bankruptcy. Tennor has paid all operational creditors and has agreed ‘standstill’ arrangements with all its financial creditors. The Court of Appeal in Amsterdam accepted Tennor Holding B.V.’s argument that herewith the ‘insolvency situation’ was resolved and the bankruptcy was annulled on that basis.

Appointed as liquidator (vereffenaar) of IHC B.V., former owner of Royal IHC, a world leading shipbuilder, Creating the maritime future - Royal IHC

Assisting Stibbe Management in certain aspects of the acquisition of Stork Plastic Machinery. See: Stork IMM Spuitgietmachines | Injection Moulding Machines

Distributed the final round of the EUR 300 million dividend to the KPNQwest N.V. creditors, constituting the termination of the bankruptcy of this AEX listed multinational, after nearly 20 years. See: KPNQwest - Wikipedia

Assisting the non-executive board of New Office Centre in the refinancing and sale of NOCB (ex Staples) to a fund of distressed and hands-on investor Standard Investments. See: Nieuwe eigenaar voor moederbedrijf Staples - RetailNews (

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